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Control Panel Main Menu

From the software control panel's main menu, you can perform various tasks, such as creating quotes, reservations, contracts, add vehicles, blackouts, rates, rate codes, seasons, units, make and models, locations, and branches. Also run different reports, for example, sales, contracts, reservations, available vehicles, revenues, etc.

rental agreement e-signature

e-sign Rental Agreement

Go Paperless with Electronic Signature in your office or when delivering a vehicle, capture Signature and send signed rental agreement by email or print it. No additional software to download. Use any device.

Website Vehicle Reservation

Vehicle Reservation

Click the vehicle tab on your website to see your entire fleet or group classes. Your customer can select a vehicle by locations. If you offer promotions, your customer can enter the promo code in the reservation form. With the information entered, the entire fleet will display the rates for the specific date, time, and location. If you select a different vehicle, the system will remember your selected dates and also the extras. To best view a live sample working website just go to, and you will be able to create a reservation and also see rates, etc. This website is just for testing purposes only.

Contracts and Reports

Rental agreements and Reports

Make new contracts, print them on plain paper and run daily reports. See available unit reports and keep track of all payments, refunds, and credit card authorizations and much more. Click here to see all available features.

Control Panel

Control Panel

Here are a different images of the inside of the control panel, you can run your entire operation from the control panel. View reservations, create quotes and save them for future reference, edit them and send reservations by email. We are continuously improving and upgrading the system, always looking to help you operate your car rental agency with the best features available. We always listen to our customers for input on how to make a better product.

Control Panel Adminstrator and Users

Adminstrator and Users

In the control panel, you can delegate certain permissions for your agency staff. Different staff members will be able to perform certain duties, for example, create a rental contract but not delete them, there are many users permission that you can apply to your agency personnel. Every user has his of her password. You are always in control as the administrator.


  • Contracts by user
  • Traffic Ticket Search
  • Units Revenue
  • Usability report
  • Reservation Analysis
  • Units Activity
  • Reservations by user reports
  • Payments Report
  • and more...

Fleet activity

Fleet activity

The Fleet activity view, you can see the in a calendar view the activities of the units by color code.

  • Open/Close contract
  • Pre-assigned in a reservation
  • Locked in a reservation
  • Branch re-allocation


promotions code

Rate and Coupon Code
Create Rate and Coupon Codes for your Promotions Discounts